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Essential for today's vast selection of internet devices are websites which work on all displays


We discuss your requirements and build a website which best suits your needs


If you wish to update or extend your website, we can offer help in learning the skills required


It can be intimidating looking after a website and dealing with technical problems. We are here to help.

Step 1

Your Vision

You require a new or updated website for your business? Contact us and we will discuss your needs and goals which can be achieved. We listen to your expectations and preferences before offering some possibilities.

A website is built on content so it's important for us to learn about your business and obtain good quality images for use on your site.

Your level of technical computer skills can also play a role during your website development. For those who are interested, we are more than happy to involve you during the development and help teach the skills required.

Step 2


The start of your website project begins by evaluating your content. The design ideas chosen will often be inspired from your content or available images and we can assist if required, in enhancing photos for use on your website.

Usually we will design and short, example home page first to present to the client. Getting the look and feel of a website defined right at the start of the project is important as all further pages should follow the same design feel to be consistent.

Even once all page have been designed it's important to keep a website up to date. Links can become invalid, prices can expire or be out of date and your business itself can change. By maintaining the content, you improve your rank with the search engines.

Step 3


Your new website is ready and after careful verification the day has arrived when the site can go live. A successful website is not a process which ends after the initial development.

As part of our managed hosting package we will ensure your site stays up to date. Plugins must be regularly updated and backups will be made on a regular basis.

To ensure the best possible position in the search results, your content should be kept current and improved when required. Always compare where your competition is relative to your own site and figure out ways of improving. Owning a website is easy but owning a successful one is up to you.

Website Features

Basic Elements

A few of the features which you would expect to find in even the most simple websites.

  • Mobile Respsonsive
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image Optimisation
  • Client Login
  • Backup Scheduler
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics


Advanced Elements

Extend your website and harness the power of the internet with extra functionality.

  • Mailing List Plugin
  • Event Manager Plugin
  • Caching Plugin
  • Payment Plugins
  • Google Maps
  • Customisation CSS
  • Blog
  • Product Sales


With a personal interest in holiday rental, we specialise in designing websites for rental owners looking to give their business a professional web presence.

Prices from only 499 Euros!

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