Nearly 30 years ago, I purchased a small studio apartment in France, The apartment was never rented and I used it regularly, visiting France at all times of the year. Fast forward 10 years, and I purchased a new apartment in France. I later also purchased a property in Spain, with the sole intention of renting.

Kevin Wilson


Whilst renovating the Spanish property and preparing it for rent, I realised that a website was essential if I was to attract clients in large numbers. Being a software developer, that was a fairly simple task. The first attempt, although it had the “home made” look, was very successful and was well received by clients

Moving forward again, and finding myself married with our first child, we decided to rent the apartment in France in addition to the property in Spain. Consequently, I rapidly built yet another website for France. I then embarked on an investigation into website design, looking at all the alternatives for improving both sites.

I wanted a more professional look, and also to make the sites multilingual. Using a CSS framework, the complete 96 page website for the Spanish property was transformed into a sleek, modern website. I have since used a framework approach to design many more websites. I was able to use CSS frameworks to design sites for other property owners, adding a customised CMS system to allow key parts to be updated without my help.

It soon became clear that clients required greater control over their site content so I've changed to offer mainly Wordpress designs which allows this possibility.

Using my many years of experience in the holiday rental business, combined with my coding knowledge as a software developer, I am able to offer a website design service, at extremely competitive prices, to other rental property owners or small businesses.