Booking Form

Allow bookings to be made quickly and efficiently by hosting your booking form online. Guests can complete their reservation in minutes and both you and your guests will receive their booking details automatically by email. 80 €

Receipt Form

When guests make a payment, they will expect confirmation. By hosting a form online, you can quickly paste the details of your guest into the fields, select the payment that has been made and click send. Your guests (and yourself) will receive an email copy of the receipt. 80 €

Online Payments

Allow your guests to make payments through your website. We can provide you with a payment form which integrates Paypal or Stripe payments into your website. For Wordpress site function can be implemented via a plugin and for non Wordpress, using the Stripe or Paypal API.


Hosting a blog on your website is a great way of making your way up the search rankings. Post updates on your property and create articles about your region. Good quality content can increase the ranking of your website, as well as providing useful information to potential guests. 80 € setup and template articles

Reservation Procedure

How many times are you asked, “What do we need to do to reserve your property?” Let your website do the talking and give your enquirers a simple to understand pictorial guide. 40 €


We can arrange translation of your website through a 3rd party and implement your newly translated pages. 20 € /page plus translation costs

Cookie Consent

We can install a lightweight plug-in, to handle the newly introduced EU Cookie Legislation 30 €

Captcha Protected Forms

Block automated spamming attempts via your contact form by protecting it using a Captcha. We recommend the simple MathGuard Captcha or Google Captcha as it is more user friendly than most character guessing Captchas. 30 €

Password Protected Pages

Perhaps you have some information, such as bank details or how to find the property which you provide to your guests. You would ideally like to have this available online but do not want it accessible to everyone. The solution? We can simply protect these pages with a password. 40 € (free on Wordpress)