Accessing your business email using a mobile device while retaining almost all the features of desktop application is now easily achievable. HTML rich content can be handled and emails replied with professional looking signatures - all from your smartphone. Most phone users already have some type of email in use on their phones but often this is a free offering such as Gmail or Hotmail. Using these types of accounts for a business would be considered by many as unprofressional but luckily there are many apps available today which allow use of your domain email for one or multiple accounts.


Before explaining how to access your email on a phone, a quick explanation of IMAP is useful. When accessing your email via many types of devices it's recommended to use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). This protocol leaves the messages on the server and your view of your email account will be the same no matter which devices accesses your account. If you've used an email app such as Gmail, then you are already used to this as all Gmail data is held on a server and looks the same no matter which device you use to view it. The same can apply to your own domain email accounts.


One of my favorite phone email apps is called TypeApp. This app can handle many email accounts all from a single program and provide push notifications on your phone when a new email arrives. Your accounts may be viewed as a combined inbox or separate. Signatures may be added for each account so that emails composed or replied to from your phone retain a consistent, professional appearance.

After installing TypeApp you can create your first account

Normally all the details of your server settings are found automatically but if you encounter any problems or are setting up a different app, please check the incoming and outgoing server settings look similar to the following screenshots.

You can add any number of email accounts to TypeApp. When using such an app you are working with emails and folders residing on a server. Deleting an email will remove it from the server, not just locally from your phone meaning that if you check your account from another device, the email you deleted will no longer be there.